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It's an incredible feeling to be sitting here writing about my first book, realising that all of the hard work, repeat recipe testing and dreams have finally come true.

'Hassle Free Gluten Free' is primarily about my favourite recipes from home containing treats and everyday food, it also just so happens to be gluten free because that's how I have cooked at home for the last 14 years, since my youngest son Ben was diagnosed with coeliac disease aged two. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease and as such it's really important that Ben's diet is strictly gluten free. 


I certainly did not want to be serving Ben different dinners; food should first and foremost be inclusive and full of sharing times with family and friends so I had to adapt very quickly coming up with recipes that fitted in with all occasions and our busy lives. I do hope this book helps a little when faced with cooking gluten free and am delighted that Coeliac UK has checked each recipe and I am thrilled to have worked with them on the cookbook. It means so much to me that my recipes have been accredited in this way.

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Winning MasterChef in 2016 has certainly opened up a whole new world for me and it is really wonderful to be able to share some of that with you through my first book.


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"Your book will not only guide people but I am sure it will also become a gastronomic encyclopaedia for many!

Jane, your food always makes me smile - because you cook with from your heart and the play of flavours and textures are so wisely interwoven.

We are fast becoming a world full of different allergies and diet restrictions.

You have hit the nail on the head - where it matters most - Coeliac is a big worry for many people."


"It was a real pleasure having Jane spend time in the kitchen at Le Gavroche.

Her passion and creativity really shone through as I’m sure it will in her book recipes. 


Jane’s culinary talent is unquestionable and I think it’s wonderful that she is showcasing how delicious and exciting gluten-free dishes can be."



"What makes Jane and this book so attractive is her heart and her cooking are rooted so deeply in family.


I love Jane. I love her cooking...  

She won MasterChef so of course she is an incredibly talented cook.

   I professionally meet people who want advice on gluten free. I now have a thorough and clever book to guide them to.

   This book is written by someone who not only cooks like a champion but moreover cooks as a loving mum.



    “Jane has more determination, more drive, more heart than I’ve ever seen in aMasterChef contestant in my whole career...”



“Jane has had one of the most incredible journeys on MasterChef that I’ve witnessed... there’s been no stopping her – she’s made herself into the most amazing cook, one of the best champions I’ve ever seen." 


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